Pros: Everything!!!!

Cons: Honestly, just paying the extra resort fees to have them but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY! Don’t regret it AT ALL!

I have to say when I was planning a destination wedding in Mexico, finding the perfect videographer and photographer was the hardest thing. The resort I stayed at only allowed their local photographer and if I wanted someone else, I would have to pay an additional fee which was ridiculous. My husband is a photographer himself in Canada and knows what to look for and what constitutes as a quality picture of video. In the end, we decided to go with Mike Cantrell for video and Claudia Rodriquez for Photography. It was costly for us because not only did we pay the photographers but also the resort to bring them in. With this being said, I have never been more happier with our decision. They had a team of at least 5-7 people around us at all times and they were super friendly and adjusting in every situation. I truly felt like the paparazzi were around but I can’t even explain how gorgeous they work turned out for us in the end. They never missed a moment in my wedding and the quality was AMAZING! If you’re planning your wedding in Mexico, regardless of the additional charges you may have to pay… I want you to think, do you want the perfect pictures and best wedding videos of your life or are you okay with the basic stuff? Remember, you’re spending money to have your perfect wedding and you need the best pictures and videos to showcase and keep those memories forever. Mike Cantrell and Claudia Rodriquez can provide you with that and much more. I promise you!!!! They are definitely worth EVERY penny I spent without a doubt. I know that when we have our 25 year anniversary we’ll come back to the same resort and have them shoot our event again. We loved them!