I never thought I would watch the video, but I’m so happy we got it!

My husband and I were thrilled with our wedding ceremony video; the videographer met us at the airport on our departure day so we could have it right away.  I never thought I would watch the video, but I’m so happy we got it – I’ve watched it four times already – it’s great to relive the day.


Valerie & Ronald

Great experience for a summer wedding!!


We had Mike for our wedding video on June 24, 2018. We planned everything from the U.S. but it all turned out great! Mike was really responsive, something we really appreciated.

It took them a while to create the final highlight video, but we LOVED it!

Paying extra for the drone footage was well worth it.

We didn’t really talk to Mike or his team the wedding day, which we appreciated because there is so much going on.

He and his team just knew what to do.

The footage they put together for the highlight had the style we were looking for.

We would definitely recommend!

Casey & Nick


WE LOVE the video, it is so amazing.
We LOVE the music, the whole part with Jordan’s song, and the voice-overs!!!

Jamie & Jordan

We just saw our Wedding Trailer on Instagram!


“Wow! Thanks for making us look so glamorous… It was a lot of fun working with you and your team”


Linda Nguyen

Linda & Phillip

Mike Cantarell Films Review


Pros: amazing work, friendly, professional, prompt, creative, well-priced, fast turn-around

Cons: no cons!!

I’m pretty sure there is no one on earth better than Mike Cantarell Films I got my highlight video three days ago and I am completely obsessed with watching it – it’s like reliving the day all over again, because they caught every single special moment and really captured the feeling of the entire day. I haven’t received my full video yet, but I can’t believe it would be anything less than perfect. I feel so lucky to have found Mike and his team through this board – every review I read spoke so highly of them. I was more excited about hiring them than anyone else and they have not disappointed me one bit.

As far as in-person, they are great – they arrived early and ready to work. They are very friendly and super professional. After the getting-ready shots were over, I never even noticed they were there. I know they stay super busy (they have to film AND edit) but always kept in communication with me and I received the highlight video very fast, and the full video is scheduled to be here a week early.

I looked at other wedding videographers in Cancun but not only are they priced competitively, no one else comes close to their quality of work (in my opinion) – you can really tell they love what they do.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about them! Their work speaks for itself – every video they film and produce is a wonderful masterpiece. If you’re considering whether or not it’s in your budget, cut your guest list because you won’t regret it.

Jake & Marianne

You can’t go wrong with Mike Cantarell Films!!


Pros: Great editing skills, professional, on-time, delivers what they promise!

Cons: Make sure to preview the video before sending the CD in order to make any changes.

The video produced by Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Video) of my wedding blew me away!  It was so creative and beautiful!  When I first hired Cancun Wedding Video, I didn’t expect much from my wedding video.  I just wanted my wedding captured on film to remember the moments, but it actually turned out to be the highlight of my wedding.   All thanks to Mike Cantarell Films!   It was the best money I ever spent!  What was different about Mike Cantarell Films was that they didn’t just film the wedding from the beginning to end and put it on a CD, which can be very boring.  They took the raw footage and edited it so it was more interesting, faster paced and grabbed your attention – like a movie or music video.  They added mood shot s and footage of the wedding site that were spectacular.  Since our wedding was on a gorgeous beach in Playa del Carmen, the video really showed the beauty of the location.  At the same time, they still captured all the unforgettable moments of our wedding, our vows, the speeches, etc.   After adding our favorite music in the background, in addition to the creative editing, it makes the wedding even more amazing to watch, emotional and memorable!

Jerry Guzman, our videographer, assigned to our wedding was the nicest guy you will ever meet.  He was on time and completely professional.  He always stayed in the background to not interfere with the photographer, but was still able to film the wedding perfectly.  His editing skills were fabulous!  Mike Cantarell who runs the company was very responsive to all of my questions and proactive in confirming dates and times.  I never had to worry about whether they would show up for my wedding or do a good job for me.  They did everything they promised and more, which is so hard to find these days!   The only suggestion I would make is to have your assigned videographer put your wedding video online, so you can preview it before they send you the final copies.  Sometimes you want to make small tweaks.  Since shipping is so expensive from Mexico to the States, you want to make sure they make those changes and preview them before they send you the wedding cds.  I highly recommend Mike Cantarell Films as a videographer for your wedding.  It will be the best decision you ever make for your wedding!

Linda Leal

A company that knows how to capture the moment! amazing


Pros: Professional. Friendly. Creative.

Cons: None

We are so thrilled that our search to find a wedding videographer and photographer lead us to these guys. They were so amazing. Their team was super professional, creative, friendly, and accommodating. They went above and beyond to ensure they captured the essence of our wedding. The day of our wedding it was pouring but the team came back the following day to ensure that we had photos we had envisioned of a sunny day on the beach. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is looking for for an excellent company in Mexico – you will be so happy you chose them!


Loved Our Wedding Video


Pros: Dependable, great work

Cons: None

My husband and I were thrilled with our wedding ceremony video; the videographer met he and I at the airport on our departure day so we could have it right away.  I never thought I would watch the video, but I’m so happy we got it – I’ve watched it four times already – it’s great to relive the day.


Simply The Best!!!!–Mike Cantarell Films


Pros: Quality Video, Creative, Awesome angles, Professional, On-Time, Price, Quick Delivery!


After doing extensive research on wedding videos in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area, we found that Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Video) was definitely the best and most reasonable pricing for the amazing quality of work produced.  We made sure to watch all of the highlight videos MCF had and fell in love with all of them.  Immediately we knew these were the video guys for us!

Mike (the owner), responded to all of my emails almost within 24 hours every time!  (I wrote many emails to him…he must of that I was nuts!)  He was so nice to answer every one of my questions and concerns.   I always felt that he was on top of things and never once felt stressed out about whether or not he was going to show up, be on time, and work hard.  These guys were INCREDIBLE.  They never stopped once to take a break.  (Well they did for dinner…but seriously ate FAST.)  They were still able to catch all of the speeches made during dinner.  My family was VERY impressed with how hard they worked.

What was funny about Mike and his assistant, Eddie, was that you would forget they were there.  They made you feel so comfortable with them around that you never once felt that you had video cameras in your face.  They didn’t say much the entire time and they knew exactly what they were doing.  By the end of the night I felt like these guys had worked so hard, but I barely got to see or speak to them; though they were with us the whole day!

When we got home, we were so anxious to see our highlight video that I checked the site, “VIMEO” every day!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw our names there only 3 days after we had gotten back and only about a week and half after our wedding.  The video was AWESOME! Better than we could have expected! They made the day look even more beautiful than we could remember it was.  The angles of the camera and the editing was amazing!  I had our video on facebook within minutes and had everyone in awe over it!

Thanks Mike for your wonderful and talented work!  I would highly recommend you and your co-workers to anyone looking for videography in Cancun!  Simply The Best!


Erin & Felipe

Wedding Videography


Pros: Price, quality,

Cons: None

Mike Cantarell with Mike Cantarell Films was fabulous! Videography was not in our budget when we started to plan our wedding but a few months prior to the wedding date we decided to squeeze it in and we are so glad we did! We booked him for 5 hours and then we paid for an additional hour so that he can capture some of the fun we were having. When we got the video back I got relive the day over and over again. In fact, I have only had the video back for a week and I have seen it 10 times! Everyone who was unable to make it to our destination wedding was able to see how magical it was. Words cannot describe how incredible our wedding was. Only those that were able to come can truly understand but the video makes it possible for everyone to see how amazing it was and how much fun we had. I love my video and I will watch it again and again for years to come. He did such a great job of adding music to match what was happening in the video. It is seriously like a movie and my husband and I are the main characters. People we show are blown away by the quality and the way it is put together. The price he charges is so worth it. It was worth every penny to have this video and be able to watch it for years to come. We dont have kids yet but I am so excited to be able to show this to my kids when they are old enough. How cool is that going to be!

It is your big day… be cheap in areas that don’t matter so that you can splurge in areas that really do matter the most. Book Mike Cantarell Films to capture your wedding day!

Tiffany Harper



Pros: Price, Quality, Communication, Friendliness

Cons: None

My husband wanted a videographer at our wedding, and I was so sad because I felt we could not afford it.  I am so glad that I cut money in other places to get a video.  I booked Mike Cantarell Films after another bride told me how great her experience was with them.  I am so glad that I booked them.  Mike Cantarell was our videographer and he was AWESOME.  He arrived in my room and captured moments, that to some, may look like terror, but in reality were just anxiety and excitement over the events to come.  He was so kind, and not intrusive.  There were parts of our big day that became a blur to me, but he captured everything that I missed.  I cannot wait until we get our wedding video in the mail because if the highlights video is any indication, I know my husband and I will be in Never Never Land as we relive our day over and over again.  I’m so glad we bought copies for our parents…they are going to love it!  Thanks Mike for doing such a wonderful job.  If I had to do it over again, we would have hired you for 8 hours instead of 5.

I’m so glad I listened to my husband!  If you have any doubts about Mike and Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Video), trust me, you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!

Thanks again for everything Mike.  You are a true professional.

Sherylle Gant

Wonderful Experience… Great video coverage


Pros: Very professional…. got the images that I wanted.

Cons: None

What a wonderful experience with Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Videography).  I am the father of the bride and also a professional photographer. I worked with Eddie for the video coverage…. and he did a GREAT job. As a photographer who has photographed hundreds of weddings over the past thirty years and worked with lots of videographers…. I can tell you that Eddie was a true professional!  He was easy to work with….showed up on time….had excellent equipment….and got the true “flavor” or the wedding day.  It was nice that he had good wireless mics to pick up the ceremony.  It sounded real good on the playback….much better than it sounded on the outdoor PA system.  You can hear every word of the minister, bride , and groom.

Eddie was there for all the events… from the bride and groom getting ready….the ceremony…the formals….special romantic shots….and all the fun and festivities at the reception. REAL PROFESSIONAL !  I would definitely recommend Mike Cantarell Films for your video coverage!


Chuck & Akron

THE best videographer you can hire for your wedding!


Pros: Everything!

Cons: absolutely none

The first thing I did after getting engaged and deciding on the location for our wedding was book Claudia Rodriguez as our photographer. This is how I learned of Mike and his team with Mike Cantarell Films. From the first highlights video I watched I became completely obsessed and throughout my entire planning process would always watch these videos in awe.
At first, I didn’t think we needed video. Then after seeing Mike’s work, I decided OK maybe just for the ceremony would be nice. By the time we reached the week before our wedding, it was completely clear that I needed to 1/ book more time in my package and 2/ add a cinema style highlight video in addition to the full-length video we were already expecting. BEST last minute decisions I made.
My husband dabbles a little in video editing and we both agree Mike is a PRO at what he does. His attention to detail can’t be missed in his work and it’s highly evident that he treats EACH one he does with the same passion and thoughtfulness as (I’m sure) the very first one he ever did.
The key to a good videographer is all in the editing process… and Mike excels at this. The clips shift at every beat to the music being played and keeps you SO engaged to see what he’s getting to next.
My husband likes to joke and say he’s like a ninja, because there were clips/shots of video that at the time of him shooting, we didn’t even know he was there! He’s THAT good.
Overall, Mike is so genuine, friendly, and extremely professional.
We only hire the best and I can tell you now that Mike Cantarell Films is for sure the ABSOLUTE best one to hire for your video needs in the Yucatan. My only regret is that I wish I had more money in our budget so I could have had the BIGGEST video package they offer. I can’t stop watching my highlights video and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full-length DVD so we can watch it over and over and over. One other big plus is that they’re on Facebook – once it was posted my video practically went viral instantly between my family and friends…. AMAZING, instant gratification.
Do yourself a favor and hire Mike and his team to do your wedding.. It will be one of the best decisions you made during the process – promise.

Adrida Shanne

Beautiful Wedding Video


Pros: Talented, professional, friendly

Cons: none!

In a few words: our wedding video is beautiful! Mike and his team are fantastic, watching the video is like being there again. Amazing! We can thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. Special thanks to Mike & Eduardo.




Pros: professional, friendly, prompt

Cons: none

The Mike Cantarell Films team was EXCELLENT!!  The quality of the video met all of our expectations.  We have a fabulous video that holds a ton of memories of our wedding day thanks to the Mike Cantarell Films Videographers.  I would recomend this company to any bride.

Jennifer Chambers

Amazing videography! Highly recommended


Pros: Beautiful video

Cons: None

Mike did a wonderful job with our wedding video. He was professional, reliable and did a wonderful job. Our guests said they didn’t even notice he was there but when we watched the video we saw that he captured the most touching, memorable moments without anyone realizing it. I am from Los Angeles and carefully researched many videographers in Cancun before deciding to go with Mike Cantarell Films and I made the right decision. I highly recommend them!

Ellie M



Pros: they are punctual and very professional.

Cons: none

I used their service for my wedding. Gerardo is very “Professional” and did an amazing Job on my video. The quality on my video said it all…We loved it!!! He captured all my memories on my very special day even some that I dont remember!   I am glad I choose them to capture my big day and will highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services!! If you are looking for someone to capture your memories don’t look  anymore….This team is “amazing”  and you will be satisfied with their work no doubt about it!


Amazing Videographer


Pros: Professional, Responsive, Beautiful Work

Cons: None

I just received my video from my June 4th wedding in Playa and I was blown away.  The video was so much more than I ever hoped it could be.  My husband and I watched it together and cried.  Mike and Gerardo did an unbelievable job with the filming and the editing, and produced a product that I am so exited to share with my children down the road.  We have had numerous guests tell us that our video is the best wedding video they have seen, and it is by far the best wedding video I have ever seen.  Simply amazing.

Also, Mike and his team are so professional and responsive to all emails and questions, and they got the video to me in 8 weeks, just as they had promised.  Not to mention, their prices are very reasonable, especially for the product they produce.  I would recommend them in a heartbeat.




Pros: Unique, Talented, Amazing!

Cons: Took 11 weeks to get the video

Our wedding was BY FAR more than we imagined! Jerry did such a great job capturing all of the special moments and we couldn’t be happier! I would recommend them in a heartbeat…. Yes it was a long wait for the video since we were so anxious to see it but it was definitely worth the wait =) Thank you Jerry for being AMAZING at what you do!!!

Jen Silva

Best wedding video ever!


Pros: Everything! Friendly, upbeat, professional, quick service

Cons: None.

We used Mike for our wedding at the NOW Jade, and let me tell you- He was awesome! They are very nice, upbeat, and make you feel really comfortable in front of the camera. They captured every moment! I was really shocked when I watched the video… I didn’t expect it to turn out that nice! The quality of the DVD is great. This is something I am going to be able to keep and pass down to my kids! They used all of the right songs, and really paid attention to details! They are definitely worth every penny! I have truly have a work of art! And the best thing is, I got my DVD before I left the resort!!  Thank you!!!

Christie & Ann

Amazing Wedding Video


Pros: Friendly, Great Shots, Stress Free

Cons: Never met Mike

Jerry Guzman was an awesome person to work with. He was on time, professional, friendly and artistic. We just got our video yesterday and we can’t stop watching it! Jerry captured beautiful shots and the editing was out of this world!

Thank You!!!!

K & R




Cons: NONE

Hi my name is Knar. My husband Brandon and I got married at Secrets Maroma Beach, and it was an amazing experience! Jerry Guzman was our videographer and he went above and beyond to make our video perfect!! He even came all the way to the airport to give us our completed wedding videos (2 copies)!! How awesome is that! We were very impressed with his quality of product and great service. We watched our wedding video as soon as we got home, and it was amazing! I cried…. again

Thank you Jerry Guzman for capturing our wedding and putting it all together in an amazing video we can watch forever! You did a truly wonderful job and we appreciate all your work and effort.

Go with Mike Cantarell Films as your choice of videography and request Jerry Guzman for the job!!

Brandon & Knar

Exceeded our expectations!


Pros: affordable, professional, talented

Cons: would have liked some reception footage

We were married at the NOW JADE. Alex Gonzalez was our videographer and he was fantastic! Truthfully, I didn’t think a video would be necessary since we were getting photos done; I was mistaken. The video was put together in a format that included background music, still shots, slow-motion, and beautiful filters (sepia, black/white, etc.). Every person we show is totally blown away by this video which pretty much has all the pro’s of a photo but go’s even further by showing the blowing wind and subtle glances during the ceremony. Considering this type of work would bill over 3K in St. Louis, I spent EIGHTY BUCKS for 3 DVD’s! We plan on using this at our reception back home for all those who couldn’t make the destination wedding…we won’t have to change a thing (even the music is current/good). Alex, you should charge more for this amazing work.


a MUST have!


Pros: professional work, great service, great value

Cons: None

We got married on 7/15/11 at the beautiful Barcelo Maya Palace Resort. Since we decided to have a destination wedding, we knew it was important to have a video to capture the event since many of our loved ones were unable to make the trip. Jerry Guzman made our video and all I can say is WOW! EVERY moment of our special day was captured and complied into this video in such a beautiful way. We were able to pick some of our favorite songs to include in the background music which also made it very special. I just got done watching it for the first time and I laughed and cried as I remembered all of the special memories. It brought me right back to that day and I will always treasure that! Cancun Wedding Video was so professional and REALLY great to work with!! They rock! Would suggest to ANYONE having an event in the area!!

Jayme & Mark

Surprise, Surprise !


Pros: Professional, Courteous, Detail Oriented, Knowledgeable

Cons: We tried but couldn’t come up with anything.

We were married at the Riviera Secret Silver-Sands Resort on Sept 9, 2011. The wedding was fabulous and planned with TLC. Our wedding package included a photographer and videographer. We did not have any communication with the videographer or meet him until right before the ceremony. We did not know what type of work to expect from this guy, we were just hoping it would be of decent quality to show something to the people that were not able to travel to the wedding. Well, we found out that Alex knows his stuff !!!!

Our video of the wedding is 1st Class and Alex can be argued to be one of the best videographers in the Riviera Maya area. We were thoroughly impressed with the selection of music, quality of footage and still shots of the wedding & photo session. It can be considered to be a ‘mini movie’ with smooth and flowing transitions from beginning to end. His selection of music in the video complemented the music that was played in the wedding ceremony. He even ended the video with a black and white fade out–implying that we would live happily ever after.  We highly recommend Alex Gonzalez to anyone planning a wedding in the Riviera Maya area.


Great Job !!!

Warren & Val

Excellent video


Pros: Professional, great services

Cons: none

We hire Cancun Wedding Video on our wedding, they are very profesional, they were there for many hours and we didn´t even notice they were there capturing all those special moments and all the details that we want to remember forever. It was raining during our wedding and we couldn´t do the session, so they came back after a couple of days with no cost for us, and they took us to a cenote, we did a Trash the Dress session, it was really amazing, we enjoy it. I want to thank to Mike Cantarell and Jerry Guzman for that great job that they did, now we have an awesome video to share with our families and friends.

Rene Qr

Fantastic Job


Pros: professional, prompt, easy to work with and extremely nice

Cons: none

Jerry from Cancun Wedding Video did an excellent job for my wedding. He was very professional and worked well with my photographer. We hardly knew he was even there. The footage that he took was wonderful! My mother in law said that when she watched the video it to her back to the ceremony. He was so considerate and stayed to take footage of our first dance! When we were done he had the video edited and ready for us before we left to go home. So we were able to watch the video in our hotel room on our honeymoon. He even gave us an extra copy for our parents. I would highly recommend Jerry and Cancun Wedding Video to anyone getting married in Cancun! They did a wonderful job!!

Natalie & Kay

LOVE our Video!!


Pros: None

Cons: None

When planning a destination wedding, you often choose many things blindly – they are either part of a package from the resort, or you are unable to do a site visit, so choices are made based on internet research, email communication etc.

Cancun Wedding Video by Mike Cantarell & Associates happened to be part of our package at Secrets Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We were happy to go by the resorts recommendation (and were impressed by CWV’s work on their website) but at the end of the day, still didn’t know what to expect.

The good news is, I can’t say enough about how delighted we are with our video! Not only did CWV meet our expectations, they exceeded them. We have 4 different sections of our wedding: A photo shoot on the beach set to music (they even chose the music themselves – and picked perfect songs, without any direction whatsoever from us!) the Ceremony, the Cocktail Hour and the Reception. The quality of the still images put to video are amazing and the quality of the videos from our reception, cocktail hour and ceremony are flawless. They were able to capture every perfect moment from our big day.

I must say too that CWV had their work cut out for them – it rained at least 5 times throughout the various events for the day (all were outside!) but this did not spoil CWV’s work (or our wedding! To all of the brides out there – just roll with the punches, shed no tears – the rain showers made our wedding soooo much fun!) The rain did throw a few things off timing wise, so we asked CWV to stay longer in order to capture the speeches on film. They were more than willing to do so! My only regret is not asking them to stay to the end – it would have been amazing to have had on video the chaos that occurred as we all jumped into the pool (yes – i jumped in the pool in my wedding dress! lets be honest – am i ever going to wear it again??!!)

Here we are almost a year later, and I contacted Mike to see if we could get a few extra copies of our wedding DVD – he was super fast in responding to my email and had no issues at all sending us what we needed. CWV’s dedication to our account (almost a year later) continued to portray what a fabulous company they are.

For those of you who are debating which videographer to use, look no further – stop driving yourself nuts with research – CWV is the way to go!

Jen & Jason

We were AMAZED!


Pros: None

Cons: None

To think that we almost didn’t get the wedding recorded is CRAZY.

We were tight on our budget and nowadays most people make the mistake to skip on the video to save money so we almost made that error!

I am happy that we changed our minds and hired Cancun Video Professional Wedding to videograph our wedding.

We chose a highlight on top of a full coverage video option and that is the very very best part! The highlight is amazing, I cannot express enough how beautiful and well mixed it is!!! It flows amazingly.

Eduardo captured the most beautiful and precious moments, added our songs, his gift, talent,  passion in video and made it the most beautiful video … just blew us away.

My family in Brasil was not able to come to the wedding and they loved the video, specially the highlight!

The moments captured are really priceless.

We are so thankful to have worked with Eduardo from Cancun Video Professional…

Thank you soo much for what you have done Eduardo!


A Wedding in El Dorado Royale


Pros: Service, Fun, and Having The Moment

Cons: We should have purchased more time, our fault.

To say it quickly, AWESOME!

The quality put into our video has amazed us, as well as our first friends to see it.

We arrived home last night on 11/19/11 and watched it with our friends that could not make it to Mexico for our wedding.

My wife and I have watched the video quite a few times already on our own, as it is a reminder of all those little details and comments made during the ceremony.

We had a very small group, 6 guests, that attended, so we chose to have a professional video done.

Wow, I am glad we chose a professional.  It allowed our family the time to enjoy the day and not try and record the day.

The work Alex did was amazing.  The video produced of our pictures to the music was priceless.  It is great to see how beautiful that day was to us both, and the moment in time captured by Alex is far beyond any expectations we had.

To see the movement and joy in my wife’s face on our wedding day is truly priceless.  I must say that along with the photography we had, these were the 2 best investments I have ever made.

I will be able to forever relive every moment of the ceremony, every moment of our pictures and remember the day forever.

Go on their website and you will understand, this is great and professional work.

Kels & Mel

Amazing Video!


Pros: Everything

Cons: None

Jerry Guzman’s video, of our wedding on the beach in Mexico, overtook our very high expectations. Jerry is very kind, friendly, enthusiastic about his work, very professional. The trailer that has created for us is wonderful, took all the important moments of our marriage, creating an intense, joyful and emotional video that we are never tire of watching.

All our friends and families are amazed of the fantastic video.

Thanks Jerry, you’re the perfect cameraman! We recommend Jerry’s job to everyone.

Il video di Jerry Guzman, del nostro matrimonio in Messico, è andato oltre le nostre altissime aspettative. Jerry è una persona molto gentile, amichevole, disponibile ed entusiasta del suo lavoro. Un professionista, mai incombente. Il trailer che ha creato per noi è meraviglioso, ha colto tutti i momenti importanti del nostro matrimonio, realizzando un video intenso, allegro, commovente e che non ti stanchi mai di guardare. I nostri amici e le famiglie sono rimasti senza parole guardando il fantastico video.

Grazie Jerry, sei il cameraman perfetto! Lo consigliamo a tutti!

Bride in Black

Just had to write this review


Pros: Wedding video

Cons: None

I have been meaning to write this review for quite some time, but I think it needs to be said.

Megan and I got married in May 2011.   Our decision to get a videograher was within 2 weeks before our wedding.  Gerry Guzman was recommended by our photographer.  The day of our wedding Gerry was polite and professional.  For the most part we didn’t even notice he was around taking videos which allowed Megan and I to focus on our wedding.  Reception started late and went longer than expected, but Gerry was courteous enough to film all the way to the end though it was an hour and 1/2 longer than expected.  This was important to us since we had a guest get sick and miss the entire reception.

We made a request for the raw footage of our event because we wanted to get all the speeches and dancing in its entirety. When we received our video package we realized we didn’t need the raw footage.  Gerry did such an amazing video and captured our vision that the raw footage wasn’t necessary.  We paid for a 60 minute video and got a DVD with 4 chapters of our wedding day which was a lot longer than what we paid for.  The wedding was great capturing moments before the ceremony.  He then captured the ceremony in its entirety.  We loved this rather than some of the unnecessary video splicing we have seen in other videos.  He also captured our wedding photo shoot which played like a promo video which we also loved.  We had a mariachi band and fire dancers perform and he was able to capture this without making it feel like a home video.  And the audio was great.

All in all there is nothing I could say that didn’t like about the experience.  He even took our song suggestions for the video and creatively put it together with graphics.

I highly recommend Gerry’s services for anyone getting married in Riviera Maya area.  We almost went without a videographer and now we watch the video more than we look our pictures.

Thanks again Gerry.

Megan & Patrick

Awesome to work with!


Pros: captured all the right moments!

Cons: none!

In short, our wedding filmed by Mike Cantarell is fantastic and exceeded all of our expectations!

One of the things we were concerned about when picking a videographer was his/hers ability to capture the right moments at the right angle. Let me tell you, we just got our video and the work was amazing!

We picked the package where we were filmed from soup to nuts (from getting ready to essentially the end of the wedding). The video came in 2 DVD’s with different chapters so it is very easy to navigate and jump through different scenes/parts of the whole day. The editing was fantastic and all the precious moments were captured along with the funny ones (can’t forget those). Overall Mike did a fantastic job shooting our wedding and I would recommend him to everyone!

P.S. get the wedding highlights video…you won’t regret it!

George Fahim

Fabulous Video Results!


Pros: Captured every moment we could want

Cons: Wish we would have had them for the reception!

We got married on February 11, 2012 at Barcelo Maya Palace.  We hired Cancun Wedding Video Professional Wedding Photography.  Alex Gonzalez was our videographer.  Until we received the wedding video yesterday, I had no idea how Alex moved all around the ceremony site and captured every precious detail!  He was silent and did not make his presence known during the ceremony but he missed nothing!  The sound is amazing as well.  The ceremony was just beautiful and he did an amazing job!

We hired Alex for two hours so he captured our champagne toast following the ceremony, greetings and cheers with guests and he also worked with our photographer Erick Rodriguez after the ceremony and captured some great moments with just my husband and me.  The lighting was perfect and the images are just fantastic.

Our only regret is that we did not have him long enough for our reception.  We really did not think we would care about that as we would have our photographer there to capture those details.  However, there were some amazing toasts and I wish we could have captured those.

Thank you Alex for making our wedding day special and providing us with the most beautiful gift and reminder of our wedding day!


Mike Cantarell as a videographer


Pros: Devoted, professional, amazing person,

Cons: N/A

To all CANCUN BRIDES, If you are looking for a videographer to record your big day …Cancun Wedding Video by Mike Cantarell is the one to go to. SIMPLY PERFECTION. .  Mike captured everything magical on my wedding day. He was so professional and yet personal, it was such a joy having him record our special day. From talking out the details and going over questions months in advance, to going over the timeline and shooting the big day Mike  was amazing. He always answered all my questions promptly and made me feel so certain I picked THE best videographer in CANCUN.

Thank you so much for your phenomenal work! Our wedding video is incredible; we are still hearing family raving about it! All of our families want a copy! It is such a treasure to be able to relive that day through more than just pictures.

We really got to see the wedding instead of just being in the wedding.

Thank  You. Samy and I  would recommend you highly! In fact, I already have!

Bride Bella

Alex Gonzalez – Videographer


Pros: professional; reliable

Cons: None

Alex Gonzalez of Cancun Wedding Videography recently videotaped our clients wedding which took place at Azul Beach.  Alex was professional, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.  Our clients were overjoyed with his services and as planners, we look forward to working with him again!  Thanks for all your hard work Alex!




Pros: Beautiful work, very friendly, reliable and wonderful to be around

Cons: NONE!

Cancun Wedding Video are a reliable team that does everything perfectly! I had Jerry Guzman recording my special day and I’m super glad I chose them to do so. The day of my wedding it poured rain and even through that the team made it to my hotel room on time and started recording right away as if the rain did not exist. They all made me feel so comfortable and relaxed I couldn’t ask for anything more. Since it rained all day on my wedding the team were so kind to come back to our resort a few days later to take a few video shots (without the rain) on the beach and around the resort it was beautiful. I was so happy they came back my husband and I had the best time with them they are wonderful and truly made you feel like family.  I received my DVD through fedex it was very well packaged. I loved the interactive menu where we can choose what part of the wedding we want to view first. The picture was very clear and all the music I chose to highlight moments in the video were used. The sound and quality were superb. Jerry did an AMAZING job at capturing every detail of the wedding. I love my DVD and am truly happy with Cancun Wedding Video. You cannot go wrong with them they are wonderful people that you will never forget!

Chi Girl



Pros: phenomonal craft, reasonable price, flexible options, wonderful personality

Cons: NONE!


We met Mike when we decided to do a site inspection of our wedding venue (Dreams Cancun) a year before our June 18th 2011 wedding.  He was professional, yet personable and we felt very comfortable with him from the beginning.  His services came with our package, but we still wanted to do our research and “shop around”.  We made our decision to keep our videography package when we saw his website and were blown away by Katie and Jason’s highlight (also had their wedding at Dreams Cancun).  Not only that, but we also decided to upgrade our services.  Aside from choosing Mike, I think upgrading was the best decision we made.  I think the package gives you 90 mins of coverage and 30 mins of video (enough to cover getting ready, the ceremony, and maybe a small amount of the romantic portrait/after-shots).  We wanted more of our wedding covered, so we were able substitute things in our package we didn’t use for another hour of shoot time.  We wanted coverage throughout the night as well, so we added two more hours of coverage.  We also added a highlight video and upgraded to Blu-Ray and were so glad he had those options (not all videographers do).  The price was not only incredibly reasonable, but was more than we could have ever hoped for at home in The States.  We ended up having Mike and his assistant for my getting ready session, the ceremony, the after shots, and the reception.  I am also positive that Mike stayed longer than our contract stated; which we were incredibly appreciative of.  A storm and a bunch of mishaps ended up having us start our ceremony/reception late, so I was worried we would lose time, but by the time our reception was winding down, he was still there!!

My in-laws couldn’t stop raving about how professional he was and that every time the ring bearer did something cute or the flower girl took control of the dance floor, he was there.  For myself, I just loved that I could ask him to cover something and he would be there in a flash (of course, he would finish the amazing footage he was working on first).  I had heard horror stories of other brides and their videographers/photographers taking complete control and not honoring the bride and groom’s wishes.  This was not the case with Mike.  He always made me feel like I was priority and never made me feel like I was being bossy for asking.

Communication was phenomenal.  As I said, we met him a year before our wedding, emails were responded to in a reasonable amount of time, with more frequent communication as we drew closer to the event.  Once we got to Dreams, all I had to do was leave the CD with our song choices with my wedding coordinator at the hotel.

All in all, it was the most wonderful day/night of my life, and my husband and I feel that Mike captured it perfectly and catered to us as high priority clients.  I feel he is like family now!



Like I had stated before, I fell in love with a highlight video Mike had done before.  It had impressed me so much that I had wanted my own in addition to the full video.  After talking with Mike, I had found out that particular couple had purchased the highest available package (I think it was the platinum package), which I think had more cameras staged than my package, giving more footage options and allowed for more special effects in the video.  So he promised that he would make the best video possible with what our packaged offered and give special attention to my requests, but it may not be exactly the same effect as the video on his site.  Well, I waited for our video to come (which in my opinion was relatively quick when you figure in how much of his artistry needs to go into it).  The Highlight came first.  It was on his website and I couldn’t wait to watch it with my husband, just like we had done with Katie and Jason’s video the first time we saw his work.  I was so nervous, because after our conversation, I was expecting some things to be different than the video I fell in love with.  I was also nervous because the songs we choose had a different pace than the faster, more upbeat songs on Katie and Jason’s video and I feared I had made a mistake in choosing those songs and our video would be more traditional and slow than modern and exciting.  Well, I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  The Highlight was phenomenal!!!!  Not only was it what I was hoping for, it was better!  I loved this video more than any of his other videos (which is not saying that his other videos aren’t great, but what bride wouldn’t want to say her video is the best and truly believe it!!).   It was highly stylized like the video I had previously watched, but completely unique and nothing like any of the other videos.  It was truly our video.  And because it was a Highlight, it was only around 8 minutes long and easy to show to all our friends and family.  Everyone loved it!  I have one friend that works at the News and she told me Tony Romo’s wedding video came out the same time as ours, and in her opinion ours was ten times better!!!!  And she deals with celebrity quality all of the time being with the News.  It also made the wait for the full video easier, because I watched the Highlight almost every day!

As for the full video, when I received it we had noticed some small issues with song placement (not at all his fault, just something I assumed would be done but never I fully communicated).  I emailed Mike and he got back to me super quick.  We communicated and he got straight to work fixing and changing things to my desires and expectations (a lot of videographers/photographers won’t let the clients have their own artistic input, because they feel that they know best because they are the professionals.  But Mike understood that this was our video and that it would remind us of our special day for the rest of our lives, and he had no problem making adjustments.  Plus, he didn’t even charge us for the shipping or the Blu-Ray and backup DVD’s the second time around).  When we received our re-edited video, I was completely satisfied!  It is such a precious memoir of our wedding and after seeing our Highlight, many of our guests have requested to watch the full video when they’ve come to visit.

I would recommend Mike Cantarell at Cancun Wedding Video to anyone considering a wedding in the Cancun/Rivera Maya region of Mexico (and I’m sure he would go further as well).  He is just the type of professional that would go the extra mile for his clients.  Sadly, Dreams Cancun decided to start using their own vendors for wedding video and photo, but if you are considering a Dreams Cancun wedding, you can still request him as an outside vendor.  There may be a small hotel fee, but believe me, it is completely worth it if Mike’s is the style you prefer.  He will go above and beyond for you and your wedding.

THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKE (for your time, dedication, patience, and your wonderful craft)!!!!


What a fabulous video!


Pros: beautiful video, creative team, great editing, fun to work with

Cons: no cons!

We just received our amazing wedding video from you and we could not be happier! We got married April 15th at Secrets Silversands in the Riviera Maya area. We were blown away by your phenomenal work, it far exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much for putting so much passion and creativity into our video. We now have beautiful memories that we can watch for years to come. We cannot express how grateful we are for your spectacular work.    We definitely would recommend your team to anyone who plans on getting married in Mexico…thank you so much!

Melissa Merca

Amazing Video


Pros: None

Cons: None

We got married in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and received our wedding video 4 days later.  They did an awesome job and we are very pleased.  They were able to include all our guests, the music sounded great and they were very professional.  We highly recommend!


Amazing doesn’t even describe it!


Pros: professional, creative, beautiful video

Cons: None

I cannot even being to put into words how AMAZING our wedding video is!  Mike Cantarell and  his team produced a video that I can watch over and over and relive the best day ever!!

Even with 3 videographers- our group hardly ever noticed them.   The shots they were able to get truly captured our moment.
I enjoyed communicating with Mike regarding the editing I was looking for and song choices.   Our highlight video and extended footage are fabulous.

I would highly recommend Cancun Wedding Video to capture YOUR moment!

Sara & Alan



Pros: easy to work with, professional, stunning video

Cons: None

Our wedding video blew me away – it is absolutely amazing and wonderful and I find myself watching clips of it all the time.  The team was so easy to work with, so professional and I never felt like they were crowding – in fact most of the time I forgot they were even there.  We were going to skip the video due to budget and I have to say I’m so glad we didn’t!  There were so many little things we missed and were able to see through the video.  We were able to choose the songs which made it even more personal.  The editing in the video was very well done as it captures all the important moments. It made all the difference and now my husband’s grandparents who couldn’t make the wedding last minute truly feel like they were a part of it.  This is definitely the company to hire to do your wedding video.




Pros: Everything!!!

Cons: none

We had our wedding on November 5, 2011 at the J.W. Marriott in Cancun and I can’t begin to praise Jerry for the AMAZING work he did.  We were extremely impressed with our video when we received it.  It was extremely professional and went above and beyond our expectations.  We have watched it quite a few times now and the video really captured our magical day so very well.  Jerry was also so wonderful to work with and he is so gifted at his work.

We met with Mike and Jerry before the wedding and went through the look and feel of how we wanted our video to come out.  They were both extremely professional and VERY accommodating.  The video really had all the elements we were looking for.

The angles and the lighting were perfect!  Our selection of music was also handled so well!!  Everything and everyone really looked beautiful.

Thank you again!! We highly recommend this professional company for any event you may have.  You definitely will not regret it.

Lisa John

Cancun Wedding Video ROCKS!


Pros: Punctual, creative, friendly, professional

Cons: none.

After choosing Claudia from ClaudiaPhoto for our wedding day, my (now) husband and I chose Mike Cantarell from Cancun Wedding Video, to be our videographer. We decided to upgrade to the HD version of the wedding video, and after seeing the final product, could not be happier with our decision. The picture is so clear and it looks like a movie. Cancun Wedding Videography really exhibited professionalism and fine quality. Throughout the night we didn’t even notice Mike and his team, so when we got the video, we couldn’t believe the moments he captured. He had us in tears….from both laughter and happiness.

Mexico Bride 428

Wedding DVD


Pros: Wonderful videographer and Great quality

Cons: None

Alex Gonzalez did an awesome job with our wedding DVD.  We were a little nervous paying for work that we had never seen before.  However, as soon as we met Alex we were put to ease.  He was so friendly and kind to us.  We gave him permission to leave after a certain amount of time and he stuck around for a few more hours!!!  We are very happy with his work!

Susan Eickstead

Best Wedding Video I’ve ever seen


Pros: Professional, Prompt, Great Quality

Cons: None

My husband and I got married on May 19, 2012. We used Claudia Photo for our wedding photographer and Cancun Wedding Video as our videographers. Mike Cantarell was our main videographer. He did a fabulous job and truly captured all the love that was shared on our special day. He kept in contact with us after our wedding keeping us informed on our video. We had our video within weeks of our wedding and it was amazing to see all the special moments he captured without us even realizing it. I highly recommend Mike and his team they are wonderful to work with and do an amazing job.




Pros: On time, reliable, professional and stunning work!

Cons: None

If you are looking for an excellent videographer for your Wedding in the Mayan Riviera I could not recommend Mike and his time highly enough!

Videography was a last minute addition to our Wedding and Mike worked to tailor a package to suit our needs and price range. His work speaks for itself and videos on his website really sold him to me, but once you start communications he proves to be the nicest guy also. He always responded promptly to any questions I had in a very professional and reassuring manner.

I only met Mike and his team the day of my Wedding where they arrived early and were very low maintenance. Often times it was like they were not even there which allowed them to capture the most natural footage of the Wedding. All of my friends and family cannot believe how amazing the sneak peak was and a lot say they have never seen a Wedding video as good as ours. Im sure a lot of people say that but I truly believe it is amazing. The final video was sent to us as per the time agreement and edited beautifully.

I am definitely a perfectionist and Mike fulfilled everything I was looking for in Videography services. Thank you again Mike to you and your team for capturing our unforgettable memories. My Husband and I have decided to watch our video as and Anniversary ritual and I am sure it will never get old!


Anna and Ben

Anna & Ben

Excellent investment!!!


Pros: priceless footage to keep forever, accommodated a last minute booking, thoughtful customer service

Cons: unexpected editing and some questionable footage cuts

When our list of guests turned out to be somewhat small, I convinced my now husband that we should hire a videographer. It was a last minute addition and we are both so glad we did it. Our family and friends who couldn’t join us were also thrilled to watch after we returned.

Mike and his team caught some really special moments, some funny comments, and have truly given us a gift…. video footage from your wedding day allows you to re-live the special moments that fly by so fast.  And allow you to actually see and feel again just how happy and excited you were on your day.

It’s priceless and you can keep it forever. Photos are also forever, but video is SO DIFFERENT.

I would have absolutely regretted it if we decided to forego the added expense. It was worth it.

Our video package was for only a few hours of filming and the final product was about 30minutes…. so it went back and forth between getting ready and the ceremony several times. At first, it seemed all over the place and we didn’t love it.  BUt the more we watch it (and we have watched it at least ten times already!!!) the more we just love it all because… it really sums up special parts of our day…. in a very creative way.

SO my only recommendation is to spend more time thinking about what you want and don’t want and to discuss this with your videographer.  If you don’t want or need your entire first dance included in the video, say it.  If you want your father’s speech uncut, ask for it!  If you want the editing to be chronological, say so.  If you don’t want to be asked to re-do things (re-walk a certain way, say things over again, re-enact a funny moment) so they can be caught on tape, tell the videographer.
We booked the service so late and had never even THOUGHT of any of these things. Fortunately Mike is excellent with customer service so he is going to provide us with a full cut of our father’s speech so we can have it in its entirety.

Regardless, hands down, an excellent investment.

Averie & Ann



Pros: Professional, amazing, hard working

Cons: None

I got married in June 2012 at Secrets Maroma Resort and Cancun Wedding Video did our videography for our wedding. They were absolutely amazing and our videographer worked so hard to capture each moment the day of my wedding. When we received the video in the mail it exceeded our expectations and were are BEYOND happy with the way it turned out! Thank you so much for doing such amazing work and giving us something we will always have for memories of our Wedding Day!


Kendall G



Pros: None

Cons: None

AFirst I would like to say that out of all the wedding planning, hiring a videographer was the best decision I made… My wedding day literally happened in the blink of an eye like most peoples and I am sooo happy that I have a video that I can look back on… My experience with Cancun Wedding Video was GREAT!!! I was going back and forth for awhile trying to decide if I should use the resort videographer or an outside vendor like most people having a destination wedding it is very nerve wrecking bc u don’t know what to expect especially being in another country and not knowing how things are handled and what quality of work there is compared to what you are used to where u live… I have nothing but good things to say my whole experience was wonderful… I read reviews for months and researched and watched videos and this company always stuck out to me so last minute I decided to contact them and literally the day I contacted Mike he got back to me with in an hour and sent me all the info I needed to know he was very prompt with everything I asked which was such a stress reliever for me seeing as though video was the most important thing to me and every time I messages my wedding coordinator it would take weeks to write back… So from the very start I had a good feeling… Eduardo was my videographer and he was AMAZING he literally captured every moment possible and I am soo appreciative and can not thank him enough. We had also ordered on top of our package a highlight video and at first I thought it was kinda pricey but I had to order bc I needed something to play at our at home reception… When I received it I was completely blown away i honestly didn’t know what to expect it completely exceeded all of my expectations it was perfect literally I didn’t even tell Eduardo much and he found away to incorporate everything into this 10 min video and play all my favorite songs it was soon beyond creative and actually we hired the best videographer for our at home reception and my video turned out soon much better from Eduardo I was shocked… I had 200 people at my back home reception and they all said it was the best highlight video they’ve ever seen… It was worth every penny truly and I also received a video from our resort that came with wedding package and I am soon thankful I hired a outside vendor … For those of you trying to decide whether to get a videographer or an outside vendor it is sooo worth it and I would of regretted it so much if I didn’t. There are parts of the night that I didn’t even know happened until I seen the video and to be able to have all these moments captured and that I can go back and watch for the rest of my life and cherish is priceless… Pictures are great but without a video to capture everything it wouldn’t be the same….. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMEND

Traci Ilkanic

My favorite movie!


Pros: None

Cons: None

We got married this past June 2012 in at the Gran Mayan in Cancun.  Starting from the ceremony to the reception everything was beautiful. Sometimes memories fade. How not to have this memorable moments saved in a video?  Alex Gonzalez did our video and did an excellent job.  He was very accessible and open to any ideas in order to make our video even better.  He captured all those unforgettable moments. We loved our video and I do not get tired of watching it every time we show it to anyone. It is now my favorite movie!!!

I do not have anything else to say, but a big THANK YOU ALEX.  You did an outstanding job!

Thank you,

Javier and Vanessa

Javier & Vanessa





MIKE WAS PHENOMENAL!!! We travelled from New York and had our wedding at the DREAMS RIVIERA CANCUN RESORT AND SPA and he was just great beyond words! He went above and beyond to insure that we got the end result that we dreamed off and he exceeded our expectations!!! Can’t praise him enough!!! If you haven’t booked him yet, you need to hurry up!!! Mike MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! We LOVED meeting and doing business with you and would most definitely do it again given the opportunity!!!

Thanks a Million,

Rachel and Allen Espinal

Rachel & Allen

Absolute perfection


Pros: Price, personality, skill

Cons: N/A

I’m so angry at myself for having not written this sooner! I definitely thought I’d already completed this review.

Well, we were married on April 20, 2012 at the Royal Playa del Carmen. Originally, I had NO desire for videography services for my wedding. But, as time went on, and I began seeing all of these beautiful highlight videos, I decided we needed a videographer. I emailed several companies from BDW, but found Cancun Wedding Video’s prices, style, and communication most in line with our own.

We decided on the special video package (5 hour package), an extra copy of the DVD, and the highlight video. I mostly wanted the ceremony and beginning of the reception captured on film, and figured this was the best package for us.

On the day of the wedding, Jerry arrived at my room with our photography staff (Juan Navarro Photography). I loved that they knew each other and really worked well with each other! There was no “competition” for shots or tension, it was like they were best friends. (Are they? LOL)

Of course, that day everything seemed great, but you don’t really know until you receive the DVDs, right? We had sent a list of about 10 songs that we liked for our videos prior to the wedding. And then, well, Mike sent me a link on Facebook to our highlight video about 2 months after our wedding. It is just breathtaking. About a week later, we got our DVDs in the mail. We sat and watched them that very morning. I could not be happier with the videos. The transitions are great, the music is fabulous, and I felt like it really captured our day perfectly. I could not have asked for anything better!

Denielle & Ryan

Expectations Exceeded!


Pros: Quick Turn Around, Ease to Work With, Outstanding Product

Cons: None

Cancun Wedding Video provided our video production for our October 28th wedding at Secrets Maroma Beach Resort. The team was recommended through our resort, and I was pleased to see other brides with very happy reviews.  From the moment they arrived at my room prior to the ceremony, through the gorgeous photo shoot at the abandoned mansion, to the receival of our highlight reel and full video within just a few weeks, I was overly pleased with their services!  I used Juan Navarro for photography, and it was obvious that the teams had worked together before and meshed wonderfully. I upgraded our package to 5 hours of shooting, HD cameras, and a highlight reel, and I know I made the absolute right choice. I have received so many compliments from our highlight reel, and I love watching it over and over again. They truly captured some of the most gorgeous and memorable moments and it takes me back to that day all over again, every time I watch it.

I highly recommend Cancun Wedding Video if your expectations include a high level of professionalism, ease of relationship, and fast turnaround on production.

Elle Gee

Amazing Wedding Video


Pros: Live Streaming Web Cam, Professional, Flexible, Amazing Video

Cons: None

My husband and I were married on Jan 20, 2013 at Secrets Maroma Beach and we had Cancun Wedding Video do our wedding video! We could not have been happier, my only regret is not having them longer.

They did our ceremony, cocktail hour and most of the reception. I had them leave at 9:00pm bc the reception was supposed to be at 10:00pm and I thought how much video do I want of people dancing, but we ended up doing the garter and bouquet toss past 9:00pm and extending the reception to 11:00pm, so I wish I would have scheduled him the entire reception. I brought my own photographer and not knowing her they worked well together, however, I would recommend trying to have them meet prior just so they can coordinate. We did have one instance when the video camera was in the way of the photographer, but it was no big deal. The video quality was amazing, we were so happy with it!! Also, I have emailed Mike many times leading up to the wedding and post wedding and he responds very quickly and is very accommodating! Also, we had the live streaming web cam and it was the BEST IDEA EVER!! Our Family and Friends that weren’t able to attend really felt like they were there with us! We could have not be happier!

Amy & Jo

Spectacular Video


Pros: Friendly & Professional

Cons: None

Cancun Wedding Video filmed my daughter’s wedding at the Dreams Riviera resort in Mexico.  Not only were they very cordial and cooperative, but their price was also very reasonable.

Mike Cantarell was always quick to respond to questions and inquiries about the video service and his follow-up on unresolved items was outstanding.  And the videographer, Jerry Guzman, did an exceptional job with the filming.  He was very friendly and courteous throughout the affair and the video we received was amazing.  All of the key moments were captured, professionally edited and well assembled in the final video product.

I give Cancun Wedding Video an A+++ and would recommend their service very highly!


Mike Cantarell’s work was artistic and fun and truly captured the essence of our wedding day


Pros: Professional, quick delivery of a great product, unobtrusive during the event

Cons: None!

We got married on February 16, 2013 at the Fairmont Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen, and Mike did an amazing job as our videographer!  I would definitely recommend his services for your event.  If you are on the fence about whether you need a videographer (as I was), I encourage you to go for it.  You won’t regret it when you have the finished product.  Also, because Mike provides a short highlight video (about 6 minutes long), it is something you can easily share with family and friends.  My mom watched it 10 times in a row over this past weekend after we received it!  My husband loves the film too, and we were both really impressed by Mike and his assistant and their professionalism.  It was fun working with them on the day of the wedding, and after receiving the video, we are very happy we chose Cancun Wedding Video.  Mike and his team are talented editors as well, so the video is really fun to watch and set to great music (which you can choose).  I can’t say enough good things about this vendor!


Our dream day captured on film


Pros: Best Customer Service, Amazing End Product – everything was fabulous!

Cons: Not a thing! You guys are perfect!

Just got our wedding highlight video from Mike Cantarell Films. We absolutely LOVED it! My hubby even cried while watching it…so you guys really managed to capture the emotion of the day. If you are getting married in Mexico, I highly recommend them for capturing your special day on film. Very good customer service, extrememly friendly, not intrusive at all (didn’t even notice them half the time) and the quality of the product at the end is great! We gave them music that we wanted in the video and they didn’t use it in the highlight video, BUT they selected songs that fit perfectly…we can’t be disappointed with that! Couldn’t be happier! Seriously worth every penny. We wanted to cheap out and not get a videographer since we had a photographer, but I think the video just ties it up nicely. The pictures we got were fabulous from the photographer that we used, but the video just brought me back to the day and was able to capture even more of the emotion on that day. It’s a great way to share with friends and family who couldn’t make it as well. I can’t wait to just watch our wedding video of our love story! Thank you Mike, Jerry and Beto – you guys are AMAZING!


Great customer service!


Pros: Excellent communication, accomodating, great customer service

Cons: Some special moments were missing

Cancun Wedding Video captured our wedding at Dreams Tulum in January 2013. We are so happy that we decided to spend the extra money on videography because they captured the day beautifully. The guys were so nice, polite and pleasant to deal with and email communication before and after the wedding was spot on. Customer service with this company is extremely important to them and it definitely shows!!

We had some concerns with the final video at first (some important moments to us were missing), but after emailing Mike and voicing our concern, he re-edited the video and sent us a new version within a timely manner. Unfortunately, this didn’t come in time for our AHR so our family and friends who couldn’t be there on our special day were unable to watch it. With that being said, Mike definitely made it up to us and we are very satisfied customers! We are so happy with the final video – we have watched it dozens of times (and we cry every time!) I have to say, it would be nice to see our highlight video on their Facebook page so that we can share it with our family and friends that weren’t able to watch it at our at home reception.

We have no complaints and are so happy with our dealings with Cancun Wedding Video!

Thank you for a wonderful video that we will watch for many years to come!

Emily and Cameron Jarvie

Emily & Cameron Jarvie



Pros: Very easy to communicate with. Loved their work and delivered QUALITY as promised. LOVED them!!! Use for ANY destination wedding!!

Cons: None

Thank you Mike and Claudia for such an incredible video!! We couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. We appreciate you!!

Abby Panton

Exceeded expectations!!


Pros: Quick responses, friendly, competitively priced, AMAZING work!!

Cons: None

I always thought it was cliche when people say your day goes “so fast” and can feel like a whirlwind, but it’s true, so we feel the best decision we made was to book a videographer.  We got married March 23rd, 2013 at Barcelo Maya Palace in Riviera Maya.  We were recommended to Cancun Wedding Video, and when I started crying at the first video I watched on their website, we couldn’t resist booking them!  Their work is absolutely amazing for a very competitive price.  We contacted them via email and received a response almost immediately.  Mike was very friendly and easy to work with, always getting back to us quickly and he got to know more about us before our special day.  We even thought we may want a live streaming of our ceremony, so without hesitation Mike went to Barcelo to test the signal and got back to us within 1 day to let us know the signal was strong.  They arrived on time the day of our wedding and we honestly forgot they were there half of the time!  They blended in perfectly with our group and felt like a true part of our day.  We went with the cinematography film and are very happy we did.  We received our “highlight” video (5-6 min long) on 6/27/13 and our full length DVD is on it’s way!  All I have to say is WOW – I cried my eyes out (more this time!) with the biggest smile on my face…..they completely exceeded our expectations!!  We had given them ideas of songs we like, but also said we trust their judgement, and they used a beautiful mix of ours and theirs.  We were stunned by some of the shots they got of us and our guests – especially on the dance floor!  We HIGHLY recommend Cancun Wedding Video for your destination wedding!!!

Angela Custodio

Great company, great videographer


Pros: professionalism, punctuality, creativity

Cons: None

We hired Mexican Wedding Photos for our wedding. The contract phase was pretty smooth; Mike was pretty responsive. On our wedding day, our videographer was Alex Gonzalez, who was great. We are especially grateful for his work ethic; a tropical storm hit us, and yet, Alex continued his good work.

We just received our video; aside from what we expected, Alex took the initiative of interviewing several of our friends and included the interviews in the video. I would qualify Alex as professional, creative, and respectful of the couple’s wishes.

I would highly recommend both Alex and Mexican Wedding Photos.

Mariana G



Pros: Everything about it exceeded our expectations – couldn’t be happier!

Cons: There was nothing negative about our wedding video/videographer.

At first we were undecided about getting a wedding video.  Several friends insisted that we should because it was the best money they ever spent and it’s true.  We now have those memories forever and we have Alex Gonzalez of Cancun Wedding Video to thank for that.  He was extremely professional and very creative.  The video was amazing and way exceeded our expectations.  I would recommend Alex to any bride out there looking for a special memory of the most important night of your life.

Roxana Land

LOVE Cancun Wedding Video


Pros: fast replies, very professional, amazing film!

Cons: none

I did a lot of research when I was looking for a videographer for our March 2013 wedding. As soon as I stumbled on CancunWedding Video and saw some of their clips, I knew that they were the ones I wanted. They did a great job on our wedding day of filming without interrupting or even being seen, and we had three of them! They were extremely professional.  Mike is very fast with replies and was very nice in person. We waited anxiously for our video and as we sat down to watch it for the first time, we were completely blown away. They managed to capture all of the most beautiful moments in our wedding and put them together in such a great artistic style that we were speechless! Since the actual wedding day goes by so fast, it was great seeing it and reliving our special day all over again. I think I have watched the video a million times already, and every time it takes my breath away. We received so many compliments on our video and everyone said that it was the best video that they have ever seen. We could not be happier that we went with Mike and his team! They made us a film that we will treasure forever!




Pros: muchísima entrega, pasión, captan los momentos más importantes!!!

Cons: como son tan buenos, y tienen mucho trabajo es un poco tardado el tiempo de entrega, pero definitivamente VALE LA PENA!!

La descripcion para Mike Cantarell, todo su equipo y sobretodo el resultado, se resume en una sola palabra: ESPECTACULAR!!!
Cada que vemos el highlight del video volvemos a sentir como si estuvieramos ahi!! Es impresionante la pasión que le ponen en cada detalle, desde la atención tan personalizada antes del evento, su entrega y trabajo el dia del evento y la dedicación en la postproducción WOW!!! Estamos felices de haber decido invertir nuestro dinero y poner como PRIORIDAD video y fotos en nuestra boda!!! MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS POR SU EXCELENTE LABOR! Gerry… uds SON LA ONDA!!!

Tania Leon

Absolutely Amazing- Thank you soo much!!!!

Pros: Excellent to work with did a great job, on time, responded to any questions quickly!!
Cons: None, they were amazing!!!

We hired Cancun Wedding Video to film our wedding at the Crown Paradise Cancun in Mexico in April 2013. The guys at Cancun Wedding Video were amazing to work with, I can’t say enough about how great they were!! They responded to any questions we had right away, on our wedding day they arrived early,were really friendly and put everyone at ease.

We looked at a lot of Videography websites prior to finding them, and when I watched videos from Cancun Wedding Video and saw how beautiful their videos were there was no question who we wanted to hire.

Our wedding video arrived a few weeks ago and it turned out absolutely beautiful, they captured our day perfectly!!!  To anyone looking for a videographer, you couldn’t find a better group of people to work with we LOVE our video and will cherish it forever!!

Kara & Jay

Amazing Videographers!!


Pros: Amazing product, non-intrusive, on-time, quick product return, great communication, amazing at capturing every special moment, hard-workers

Cons: None

I had researched many months on who I wanted for my video services. When I found this company the videos spoke for themselves. I cried watching other people’s videos that I didn’t even know. I requested Jerry who did one special video that I found to be the best on the whole internet (niki and Josiah)  I was so happy when he showed up cause I knew that I would be in good hands. The men showed up on time and were very non-intrusive. The product return was fast and exactly what I paid for. The videos are amazing and truely feel that they captured all the special moments !! It is difficult putting your trust in someone but with Cancun Wedding Videos that was effortless.

I would HIGHLY recommend this company to anyone who is willing to pay the extra money to video their special day. There work is like no other and I truely feel confident that your video will be everything that you dreamed of!

Thank you to Jerry from the bottom of my heart. He was so friendly and I am glad he was a part of my special day. He knew exactly what we were looking for and I couldn’t have asked for a better videographer!! My video was perfect and I appreciate ALL his hardwork and dedication on my special day .

Thanks Cancun Wedding Videos!!!!

Lauren Cip

Great resources !


Pros: None

Cons: None

Cool .. Not only are the photos incredible but they were so great at organizing everything. They made sure they got photos of everyone at our wedding and photos of them with us (which is hard in a wedding of 75 people on a beach)!

April & Andy

An absolute MUST!


Pros: None

Cons: None

All you have after the wedding are photos and memories, but what Cancun Wedding Videographers gave us was an incredible story that will be alive forever! Everything met our high expectations from their professionalism in handling the contract and deal before the wedding, to how incredibly stealth in the way they shot our whole wedding and we barely even knew they were there, to the finished masterpiece that was carefully edited to perfection. Don’t skimp on a videographer! Its my #1 piece of advice to all brides!!!


Brings tears to my eyes each time I see our video! AMAZING WORK!


Pros: Captured our wedding day perfectly- Fast responses, very professional, and great to work with!

Cons: We didn’t hire them for the entire reception.


If that doesn’t sell you on their talent, then I am not sure what will.

My husband and I got married at Azul Sensatori on May 26th, 2013. Photos and video were high priority for us, however our budget wasn’t endless. When we discovered Cancun Wedding Video, I knew right then this was the team we would have be a part of our special day. I did endless amounts of viewing clips from all over the internet, and as soon as I saw their work I was sold.

Mike Cantarell and team were AMAZING. Hiring someone that you have never met before, let alone from another country can be a little overwhelming… to say the least. However, rest assure Mike and team came through which each thing they told us they would capture. They were on time the day of, and stayed until our first dance. We had many details (as most brides do) and they made sure to get each and every thing. They made our ‘teaser’ video (5 mintues) allow for friends and family that were there and some that were not feel like they were a part of the day! It was perfect. Each time I view our video it brings tears to my eyes! So much goes into planning a wedding, and as everyone always says- it flies by! I would HIGHLY recommend a videographer, and not just any- CANCUN WEDDING VIDEO is the one for your wedding day!

Be patient. Talent and creativity doesn’t just ‘happen’. We received our full length video about 5 months prior to our wedding but wouldn’t change a thing. Each minute of that video has a memory, and captures exactaly what we dreamed the day would be like- full of love! Thank you Cancun Wedding Video!

Allie & Simon



Pros: Amazing shots of our wedding, team stood with us until the very end (our wedding got interrupted by rain)

Cons: Nothing major. Timing of video took a little while but the team was sure to respond to all of our emails.

We loved working with Jerry and Eduardo! Our video was more than we would have ever imagined it to be.

My husband and I did our research on the best videographers in Cancun and this team is by far the best. We did not want to go with the choice the resort provided us so we decided to go with Mike and his team and we made the correct choice!

We got married on June 29th 2013 at the Moon Palace in Cancun. The team was very pleasant to work with, they were very energetic and just all together amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone getting married in the Cancun area.

All of the songs we picked were in the video and a few that they chose, I loved their choices on songs as it set the mood perfectly with the events happening in the video. Also, a huge storm broke out in the middle of the speeches and the team did not stop filming! Their work ethic is fantastic, they remained with us until the very end and stopped filming only when their cameras began to get affected by the storm.

Just want to say a huge thank you to Mike and his team for making our day so special! Pictures and Videos are the only things left from that day and I’m glad we chose them as the team to create that for us.

I would give them 5 stars but the only con was the timing in which it was given to us, with that being said…the wait is definitely worth it! We couldn’t be happier with our video.


Worth every single penny !


Pros: Great friendly service, best value , excellent quality

Cons: None

My husband and I starting planning our Wedding in Playa Paraiso a year in advance. One of our main concerns was finding the right videographer. I researched almost every company in the Cancun area and was easily convinced that Cancun Wedding Videographers was the ONLY way to go. I worked personally with Mike Cantrell ( owner ) and was impressed by his work and professionalism throughout the entire process. We decided to have the team there for just a few hours ( I think 5 ) we figured that would be enough time to film the main highlights of our day. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances ( not relating to CWV ) the team was not going to be able to film the dancing part of our reception due to the time constraint in which we had agreed on.I was devastated. Mike must have seen and felt my desperateness and decided that he was able to stay for the remainder of the evening. Though we had to pay more of course , the end result was worth every penny. For those of you who want to see ALL the unforgettable moments that happened during the best day of your life , I highly suggest you get the best package possible ! Although the video took a few months to come in , it was soooo worth the wait! We absolutely loved every single second. This company is top-notch ! Don’t look no further ! Cancun wedding videographers are the way to go! By the way, don’t hold back on the amazing highlight video they produce …. Unbelievable !!!! I’d be happy to share the link ! Good luck, book fast !!!! Cheers

Katrina and Dmitry

Creative, talented, professional videographer, Mike Cantarell!!


Pros: on time, listens, professional, very talented and creative!!

Cons: Nothing!

My husband and I were hesitant to use vendors we couldn’t meet in person, therefore, we flew in our own photographer and DJ to our destination wedding in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  After realizing it would be completely out of our budget to fly down a videographer as well, we chose a videography service in the Cancun area through Mike’s website and reviews.  We really like his Cinematography style and I really enjoyed watching weddings he’s done in the past. Communicating with Mike was easy and professional. He put my mind at ease before I even met him.  The day of the wedding I said hello to him and that was pretty much it.  He was quiet and I didn’t even realize he was around, which is exactly what you want from a videographer. I am very picky when it comes to photos and video’s so my standards were pretty high as I was definitely nervous about not having my “dream vide”.  That being said, Mike did an EXCELLENT job and sent me the link to our highlight video in a very timely matter. 10 seconds into it I was a crying mess.  He truly did an amazing job and captured every important moment and truly made my wedding day into a romantic movie.  he even made the torrential downpour look cook and fun and romantic (when I truly wasn’t that happy about it). We are so happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone having a destination wedding in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area.  Spend the $$ because once it’s all said and done, it will be your most favorite thing you spent money on. My advice, whatever you do, do not go with a “hotel suggested vendor”, you will be disappointed!!

Fey Zakg

Our AMAZING 4 day wedding weekend coverage in JAMAICA!


Pros: None

Cons: None

We saw and heard such amazing things about our last two family weddings covered by Mike and his team that we flew them to cover our own wedding in Jamaica,- to do our own wedding video!! We are BEYOND elated with the outcome of our wedding video!! Mike & Eduardo did a phenomenal job putting all the footage together from our FOUR DAY wedding celebration. Our highlight film of 10 minutes had all our friends and family including myself repeatedly crying as the team captured the most important moments of the weekend during the ceremonies. It truly captures the love and happiness that encompassed our wedding weekend. We made the right choice. Now my husband and I have this amazing viewing of some of the best memories of our lives. Mike, & his team were very professional and so much fun to have around during the festivities! What a comfortable addition to the “busy-ness” and excitement of a wedding! -four events at that! -And what a wonderful take away from our wedding!

Tina Budhrani

Blessed doesn’t even begin to explain


Pros: Made us relive every moment, smooth transitions, used all of the songs we requested, quality of the video was top-notch, captured every special moment… the list goes on… amazing!!


We were worried because it was a month before the wedding and we needed a videographer. I emailed every videographer in Cancun and, out of the videographers available for our date, we narrowed down our decision to the ones that had the best samples (on vimeo and youtube).

Apparently the research worked because we were BLOWN AWAY by how AMAZING our video turned out!!! Our videographer was so personable and the communication was consistent and seamless. We paid the deposit immediately to secure the date, paid the remainder the day of the wedding and we got our video in July 11th and our wedding was May 31st!!

Not only was our videographer quick and efficient, we LOVED him!! He was EVERYWHERE!!! He captured all of the funny, loving and even the not-so-funny moments!!

We had a viewing party at our house the weekend we got the video and for the not-so-funny moments everybody was CRACKING UP!!! The main not-so-funny moment was that My wedding planner, Suha Pressey from Weddings Romantique, forgot our rings during the ceremony!! Our videographer didn’t leave that out and I was so GLAD that he kept everything REAL!!! Looking back at all of the worries I had that day and all of the things that went wrong because of our planner, I felt more at peace seeing how minuscule those issues were in perspective of the big picture.

We may not have hired the right planner but we hit a home run with Miguel Cantarell!!!!!

Lisa & Luis

One of the BEST wedding decisions I made!!!


Pros: Punctual, professional, great eye for cinematography, captures all the imporant and little moments

Cons: None

I just received my wedding video in the mail and have spent half of the day just watching it over and over.  Mike, Jerry and his team did an AMAZING job capturing my wedding and all the little moments that I would never have noticed if not for their talented ability to film.  I had my wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace this year a couple of months ago, and hired Mike and his team for 6 hours to cover my day.  They did such an amazing job – above and beyond.  I had a fantastic photographer (Claudia Rodriguez) and I know most people hesitate to hire a videographer as well, but let me tell you, after viewing the videos, I have NO regrets and am SO GLAD I decided to have them come.  Even though Claudia was amazing at catching those little moments… there’s something video does that can never be quite captured by a photo.  The ambiance, the mood, the little expressions on everyone’s faces as they are preparing for a pose, the conversation, the music… and the PARTY!  These are things I am so glad I got to see in my video.  And the quality of their video and audio was excellent – I received both a DVD and Blu-Ray copy.  I had Mike do the videos in their newer cinematography style, and the way they film is just incredible.  My wedding videos feel like I am watching a movie, not some cheesy home video film, but a stylish, romantic movie version of my day.  And after seeing everything they managed to film – the scenery, the guests, while capturing the main events, I am astounded by how they managed to do this while never feeling like they are in the way.  Most of my guests did not even realize I had a videographer!  Let’s face it, your wedding day is one of those days when you probably will feel the most beautiful you ever have… and Mike and his team are the best people to capture it.  The day goes by so fast and you will be so happy and high on life that you might not remember every moment.  I am so glad I had Mike and the team there to catch everything.  Thank you guys so much for these memories that I will have and want to keep watching over and over for a lifetime.

Anna Wong

Simlpy amazing Wedding June 18, 2014


Pros: Quality, Friendly, Professional…ALL

Cons: None..

Wedding June 18, 2014- The Grand Mayan- Riviera Maya.

I contacted Mike Cantrell 10 months before the wedding and explained my situation.  A surprise wedding for the bride and guests!.  Mike was so professional and accommodated the needs. I only wanted a photographer but he suggested the video and I am so glad I listened to him. The photographer and videographer came punctual to the room and did some shots at  my kids and I getting ready.  My wife was at the spa getting ready for a “photo session at the beach”.  I was so nervous but the crew was so friendly and professional that felt they were friends doing the job.  Thank you Miguel and Lalo for all the amazing work.

Waiting for the pictures and video is the hardest part,  My wife was so anxious!  However is worth every day the wait.  I was extremely impressed by the quality of their work.  The video was of course HD but also captured every single moment.  The photos was my absolutely FAVORITE part.  I can’t believe the incredible colors and how clear they are.  It really looks better that real life and I really mean that.    Miguel was great as suggesting poses and lighting.  This was my second wedding-same bride twice.  Just that I wanted a wedding in Mexico and wanted my kids to participate.  So capturing this unforgettable moment with my kids was extremely important.

The original video is about 60 minutes.  I made this clip including pictures so I can post it of facebook so my family and closest friends can see it.  So I am posting is here if you want to look at it.  I don’t do reviews often but Cancun Wedding Video by Mike Cantrell deserves a great review. Mike….Muchisimas Gracias.  Que dios los bendiga!

Cesar Salazar

Unbelievable Wedding with the best Vendors


Pros: Affordable, Professional, Amazing

Cons: None

We had our most memorable wedding celebration in Riviera Maya, Mexico on July 21st, 2014 at the Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso Resort. It was by far the best day of our lives and it couldn’t have been as great without the amazing Videographers we had. Mike Cantarell and his team were extremely professional and helped capture the most amazing moments of our day. We loved that we never felt they were in the way of the ceremony or reception and were still able to get every little detailed moment of the day on film. The team works closely with the photographer we chose (Claudia Rodriguez) and they all did an amazing job making the day extra special. I can’t recall a single issue or complaint and all of our guests raved about how professional the entire team was throughout the process and the actual day. Using Mike and his team as well as outdoor photographer, Claudia Rodriguez is definitely worth the possible vendor fee you may have bringing them onto hotel grounds. They were by far much more capable of putting together an amazing video and taking photos than the photographers we were offered through the hotel. I would pay the vendor fee and day passes over and over again to use a great team like this. Hands down the best decision we made!


UNBELIEVABLE job capturing the day- Jerry and Eduardo were the best!


Pros: Video quality and profesionalism

Cons: none, great experience all around

We couldn’t be happier with our short and long videos captured and edited by Jerry and Eduardo! We particularly recommend getting the highlight video, as we’ve watched it over a dozen times in the past 6 months.

Before the big day: They were happy to discuss any questions about the big day via email and responded promptly. When we first arrived in Cancun Jerry and Eduardo took the time to meet with us at our hotel and to discuss the logistics of our wedding day. They were professional, knowledgeable, and open minded and allayed many of our fears and anxiety about the day. As luck would have it, they also have a good relationship with our photographer and coordinated with him (Juan Navarro) throughout the day.

Wedding day: Jerry and Eduardo were punctual, prepared and ready to go on the wedding day. We decided the day before to switch to cinematography type video and they had no problem with it. They went above and beyond and were extremely flexible. They also worked with the venue to make sure everything went smoothly. While filming they were very discrete and inconspicuous.

Video: The video was the best investment of our wedding! Many friends and family members have told us that the highlight video was the best that they have seen. They did an amazing job editing the video and putting it together in a creative but fluid manner. We love watching it and they did a perfect job capturing all of the moments. The long video is broken into chapters so that you can choose to watch certain parts of the wedding/reception. We couldn’t be happier with all of the time and energy they put into making us an amazing video that we will always cherish!!

Jerry and Eduardo were exceptional, and we are so glad we booked Cancun Wedding Video!!! We highly recommend them for your wedding, you won’t be disappointed!


Mike and his team are true professionals


Pros: Incredible work, professional, responsive, and on time.

Cons: None.

Mike and his team did an amazing job with our wedding video.  Mike was kind enough to come and meet me in Tulum before the wedding to talk about what we wanted in our video.  He and his team were on time, and totally professional.  They also finished our video when they said they would, and the finished product was incredible.  They were responsive with emails, and for the quality of their work, reasonably priced.  HIGHLY recommended.


Outstanding Work and Professionalism


Pros: timeliness, professionalism, creativity, courtesy, communication, responsiveness, understanding

Cons: None

We hired Mike Cantarell and his team for our Nov 2014 wedding in Cancun.  He and his team were extremely courteous and very punctual.  Looking back on all the vendors we worked with, we’d have to agree that Mike and his team were the best to work with.  They covered all of our events beautifully.  We asked that they create a 5 minute highlight of our wedding to play at Reception, and they were able to capture enough footage to put together an amazing edit that we’ve been watching daily ever since.  Mike and his team are an excellent choice for your videography needs.  They go above and beyond the call of duty.  We had music requests for the video and they even took those into account.  Furthermore, we had 3 days of events to cover, but Mike and his team made it to every single event well ahead of time and were all set to capture everything.  We couldn’t be happier!


Secrets Maroma Wedding Videography


Pros: Great work

Cons: None

We hired Mike Cantarell for our July wedding at Secrets Maroma in Riviera Maya. They did an amazing job! His staff helped us when we were feeling more than overwhelmed, they were punctual, professional, and courteous throughout the whole process. Their work was outstanding- I watch my highlight wedding video often!!

Kelsey & John

Wedding video was just like a beautiful movie…amazing job!!!


Pros: Professional staff, well done editing, video just like a movie

Cons: None

Mike Cantarell and Eduardo Cedillo from Mike Cantarell films did an amazing job!!  They are very talented in what theydo.The day of the wedding they caught every moment with their continuous filming from getting ready to first look pictures, the ceremony, cocktail reception, family pictures and then the reception. We used them for 5 hours and I wish I would have used them for 8 hours since they filmed EVERYTHING and did such a beautiful job!!! The highlight video was done perfectly. It captured all of our precious moments in 6 minutes. The music and editing was just like a movie. I highly recommend doing a cinematic film video. It is well worth it.  I watch it over and over again and it bring tears to my eyes. Everyone who has watched it tells me how beautiful it is and how it makes them re-live the moment. It also brings tears of happiness to their eyes. Thank you so much Mike and Eduardo for making my wedding video so special and beautiful :)

Samara & Michael

Best Videographer in Mexico!!!


Pros: Fast response, creative footage, natural shots

Cons: None

We hired Mike and his team for our wedding at Barcelo Palace in April 2015. Right away, I was thoroughly impressed with Mike’s fast response to my questions and his willingness to accommodate. He even gave me a call a month prior to our big day to go through what scenes are important to me and what our day will look like. When him and his team arrived while the girls and I were getting ready, he was very professional and nice. He really just blended in and took a lot of nature footage which I appreciated and very much liked! We recently received our summary video and I was in tears the whole time! He was able to capture all the important scenes we spoke about and actually went above what I expected. If you’re getting married in Mexico and you’re looking for a videographer, you will be very happy by choosing Mike!




Pros: Creative, professional, prompt, responsive!!!!

Cons: NONE!

Mike and his team were absolutely perfect. Mike was easy to work with (from New York) to select the best package for my wedding at Nizuc with 180 guests. He was flexible and gave great advice about timing. His team was professional, prompt, and also worked seamlessly with my photographer. My guests never knew there was a videographer present (neither did I – even during getting ready!) and so the shots are all incredibly natural. His team captured the right people, places and moments and created the most beautiful footage of our wedding. Mike was responsive and EXTREMELY HELPFUL and willing to work with me choosing the right music and edits during the editing process to make sure I received exactly what I wanted (which I did). I would HIGHLY recommend working with Mike and his team!





Cons: None

Wow! My husband and I were blown away when we received our highlight videos from Mike in such a timely manner, but we just finished watching the Main video now and we are more than satisfied. He did an awesome job. Everyone who we shared the highlight video with was amazed. We used his service for the “Welcome Party” that we hosted the day before the wedding and absolutely loved how he fused that day into our wedding day.

Thank you so much for doing such an awesome job Mike. When we met with you last year during our site visit, we knew the other 4 videographers we met prior to you wouldn’t meet our expectations. Thanks for not failing us. Even though Palace Resort is a bit stressful with their outside vendors, our memories of the day in addition to the videography took us back to our wonderful wedding. May God continue to bless the work of your hand.

Future Brides- Please do yourself a favor and book him- You WONT regret it! When the wedding is over, you need to have quality video and photos of the day because everything will fly by so fast.

Mike- Your professionalism is like none other. The end result is definitely worth every penny we spent! Thank You again!

Journey Torm


Pros: Everything!!!!

Cons: Honestly, just paying the extra resort fees to have them but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY! Don’t regret it AT ALL!

I have to say when I was planning a destination wedding in Mexico, finding the perfect videographer and photographer was the hardest thing. The resort I stayed at only allowed their local photographer and if I wanted someone else, I would have to pay an additional fee which was ridiculous. My husband is a photographer himself in Canada and knows what to look for and what constitutes as a quality picture of video. In the end, we decided to go with Mike Cantrell for video and Claudia Rodriquez for Photography. It was costly for us because not only did we pay the photographers but also the resort to bring them in. With this being said, I have never been more happier with our decision. They had a team of at least 5-7 people around us at all times and they were super friendly and adjusting in every situation. I truly felt like the paparazzi were around but I can’t even explain how gorgeous they work turned out for us in the end. They never missed a moment in my wedding and the quality was AMAZING! If you’re planning your wedding in Mexico, regardless of the additional charges you may have to pay… I want you to think, do you want the perfect pictures and best wedding videos of your life or are you okay with the basic stuff? Remember, you’re spending money to have your perfect wedding and you need the best pictures and videos to showcase and keep those memories forever. Mike Cantrell and Claudia Rodriquez can provide you with that and much more. I promise you!!!! They are definitely worth EVERY penny I spent without a doubt. I know that when we have our 25 year anniversary we’ll come back to the same resort and have them shoot our event again. We loved them!




Pros: Responsiveness, Quality, Quickness

Cons: None

Planning a destination wedding can be stressful. Many times you have to pick out flowers, decor, venue, photographer/videographer, going off of pictures or recommendations. Mike Cantarell was referred to me by one of my close friends. I was having a difficult time finding someone who not only was in our price range but provided amazing shots/footage! I am so happy I chose MIke Cantarell and his Wife, Claudia, to capture our special day! Both Mike and Claudia quickly responded to emails, which made communication miles away effortless! It’s unfortunate resorts limit you to options for photography for your wedding as they like to slap on a hefty “outside vendor resort fee”, but Mike and Claudia’s portfolio was incomparable to the resorts photographer option. I can honestly say… IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!! I thought to myself, these are my life-long memories, I should’t feel I should sacrifice the quality of pictures/video I was seeking, just because of a resort fee.

The Day of the Wedding Mike and his team made everything run smoothly. Both Mike and Claudia arrived on time and ready to go! Nothing was scripted, nothing was forced. My Husband and I were just in the moment. Mike and his team would work around what we were doing, which I loved because it didn’t take away from any moment!!! Not only did we receive our pictures and video 3 MONTHS after our wedding, but they were amazing. I shed tears watching our wedding video, reminiscing the best day of our lives. If you are having your wedding in the Riviera Maya area, YOU MUST check his work out. You will not be disappointed! THANK YOU MIKE, CLAUDIA AND BOTH OF YOUR TEAMS FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK!!! I COULDN’T HAVE ASKED FOR MORE!!!

Beed Dee

Money well spent and would 100% do it again.


Pros: Everything

Cons: None

My Husband and I could not more than happier with Mike’s work and professionalism. He was amazing to work with. Not once did we have any issues. Planning a wedding in a different country for us as we live in the U.S can be very difficult. We were looking for a certain type of video and as soon as I found Mike’s website. I immediately fell in love with the style of his work. I felt as looking at other videographer vendors his work was by far the best. Mike also made this experience very easy. He listened to everything that we wanted and did just that. He Captured every important moment and it was absolutely breath taking. I watched our wedding video and it brought tears to our eyes and also our family and friends. We felt as though we were in that moment again. We are so happy that we chose Mike and would absolutely recommend him to anyone that is looking for an amazing professional videographer. Although we had to pay a vendor fee for Mike to come onto the resort. Money well spent and would 100% do it again.

PaulineWedding location: Sun Palace Cancun

Best way to relive your wedding day!


Pros: None

Cons: None

We had our wedding in January at Azul Fives and Mike was fantastic to work with! Initially videography was not in our budget but in the end it became a really high priority as my mom and my husband’s parents couldn’t make it to our wedding due to health reasons. We were able to squeeze it into our budget but found ourselves with only a month to find the perfect videography team to capture our wedding. Mike was recommended to us by our photographers Photos in Cancun and luckily Mike was available for our wedding. He was able to work with us on our tight budget and were amazing on the day. We just received our highlight video and love it!


Your day goes by so quickly that a wedding video is the best way to relive this amazing day!

Sns weddingWedding location: Azul Five