One of the BEST wedding decisions I made!!!


Pros: Punctual, professional, great eye for cinematography, captures all the imporant and little moments

Cons: None

I just received my wedding video in the mail and have spent half of the day just watching it over and over.  Mike, Jerry and his team did an AMAZING job capturing my wedding and all the little moments that I would never have noticed if not for their talented ability to film.  I had my wedding at the Barcelo Maya Palace this year a couple of months ago, and hired Mike and his team for 6 hours to cover my day.  They did such an amazing job – above and beyond.  I had a fantastic photographer (Claudia Rodriguez) and I know most people hesitate to hire a videographer as well, but let me tell you, after viewing the videos, I have NO regrets and am SO GLAD I decided to have them come.  Even though Claudia was amazing at catching those little moments… there’s something video does that can never be quite captured by a photo.  The ambiance, the mood, the little expressions on everyone’s faces as they are preparing for a pose, the conversation, the music… and the PARTY!  These are things I am so glad I got to see in my video.  And the quality of their video and audio was excellent – I received both a DVD and Blu-Ray copy.  I had Mike do the videos in their newer cinematography style, and the way they film is just incredible.  My wedding videos feel like I am watching a movie, not some cheesy home video film, but a stylish, romantic movie version of my day.  And after seeing everything they managed to film – the scenery, the guests, while capturing the main events, I am astounded by how they managed to do this while never feeling like they are in the way.  Most of my guests did not even realize I had a videographer!  Let’s face it, your wedding day is one of those days when you probably will feel the most beautiful you ever have… and Mike and his team are the best people to capture it.  The day goes by so fast and you will be so happy and high on life that you might not remember every moment.  I am so glad I had Mike and the team there to catch everything.  Thank you guys so much for these memories that I will have and want to keep watching over and over for a lifetime.