Excellent investment!!!


Pros: priceless footage to keep forever, accommodated a last minute booking, thoughtful customer service

Cons: unexpected editing and some questionable footage cuts

When our list of guests turned out to be somewhat small, I convinced my now husband that we should hire a videographer. It was a last minute addition and we are both so glad we did it. Our family and friends who couldn’t join us were also thrilled to watch after we returned.

Mike and his team caught some really special moments, some funny comments, and have truly given us a gift…. video footage from your wedding day allows you to re-live the special moments that fly by so fast.  And allow you to actually see and feel again just how happy and excited you were on your day.

It’s priceless and you can keep it forever. Photos are also forever, but video is SO DIFFERENT.

I would have absolutely regretted it if we decided to forego the added expense. It was worth it.

Our video package was for only a few hours of filming and the final product was about 30minutes…. so it went back and forth between getting ready and the ceremony several times. At first, it seemed all over the place and we didn’t love it.  BUt the more we watch it (and we have watched it at least ten times already!!!) the more we just love it all because… it really sums up special parts of our day…. in a very creative way.

SO my only recommendation is to spend more time thinking about what you want and don’t want and to discuss this with your videographer.  If you don’t want or need your entire first dance included in the video, say it.  If you want your father’s speech uncut, ask for it!  If you want the editing to be chronological, say so.  If you don’t want to be asked to re-do things (re-walk a certain way, say things over again, re-enact a funny moment) so they can be caught on tape, tell the videographer.
We booked the service so late and had never even THOUGHT of any of these things. Fortunately Mike is excellent with customer service so he is going to provide us with a full cut of our father’s speech so we can have it in its entirety.

Regardless, hands down, an excellent investment.