Fabulous Video Results!


Pros: Captured every moment we could want

Cons: Wish we would have had them for the reception!

We got married on February 11, 2012 at Barcelo Maya Palace.  We hired Cancun Wedding Video Professional Wedding Photography.  Alex Gonzalez was our videographer.  Until we received the wedding video yesterday, I had no idea how Alex moved all around the ceremony site and captured every precious detail!  He was silent and did not make his presence known during the ceremony but he missed nothing!  The sound is amazing as well.  The ceremony was just beautiful and he did an amazing job!

We hired Alex for two hours so he captured our champagne toast following the ceremony, greetings and cheers with guests and he also worked with our photographer Erick Rodriguez after the ceremony and captured some great moments with just my husband and me.  The lighting was perfect and the images are just fantastic.

Our only regret is that we did not have him long enough for our reception.  We really did not think we would care about that as we would have our photographer there to capture those details.  However, there were some amazing toasts and I wish we could have captured those.

Thank you Alex for making our wedding day special and providing us with the most beautiful gift and reminder of our wedding day!