Pros: Beautiful work, very friendly, reliable and wonderful to be around

Cons: NONE!

Cancun Wedding Video are a reliable team that does everything perfectly! I had Jerry Guzman recording my special day and I’m super glad I chose them to do so. The day of my wedding it poured rain and even through that the team made it to my hotel room on time and started recording right away as if the rain did not exist. They all made me feel so comfortable and relaxed I couldn’t ask for anything more. Since it rained all day on my wedding the team were so kind to come back to our resort a few days later to take a few video shots (without the rain) on the beach and around the resort it was beautiful. I was so happy they came back my husband and I had the best time with them they are wonderful and truly made you feel like family.¬† I received my DVD through fedex it was very well packaged. I loved the interactive menu where we can choose what part of the wedding we want to view first. The picture was very clear and all the music I chose to highlight moments in the video were used. The sound and quality were superb. Jerry did an AMAZING job at capturing every detail of the wedding. I love my DVD and am truly happy with Cancun Wedding Video. You cannot go wrong with them they are wonderful people that you will never forget!