A Wedding in El Dorado Royale


Pros: Service, Fun, and Having The Moment

Cons: We should have purchased more time, our fault.

To say it quickly, AWESOME!

The quality put into our video has amazed us, as well as our first friends to see it.

We arrived home last night on 11/19/11 and watched it with our friends that could not make it to Mexico for our wedding.

My wife and I have watched the video quite a few times already on our own, as it is a reminder of all those little details and comments made during the ceremony.

We had a very small group, 6 guests, that attended, so we chose to have a professional video done.

Wow, I am glad we chose a professional.  It allowed our family the time to enjoy the day and not try and record the day.

The work Alex did was amazing.  The video produced of our pictures to the music was priceless.  It is great to see how beautiful that day was to us both, and the moment in time captured by Alex is far beyond any expectations we had.

To see the movement and joy in my wife’s face on our wedding day is truly priceless.  I must say that along with the photography we had, these were the 2 best investments I have ever made.

I will be able to forever relive every moment of the ceremony, every moment of our pictures and remember the day forever.

Go on their website and you will understand, this is great and professional work.