Blessed doesn’t even begin to explain


Pros: Made us relive every moment, smooth transitions, used all of the songs we requested, quality of the video was top-notch, captured every special moment… the list goes on… amazing!!


We were worried because it was a month before the wedding and we needed a videographer. I emailed every videographer in Cancun and, out of the videographers available for our date, we narrowed down our decision to the ones that had the best samples (on vimeo and youtube).

Apparently the research worked because we were BLOWN AWAY by how AMAZING our video turned out!!! Our videographer was so personable and the communication was consistent and seamless. We paid the deposit immediately to secure the date, paid the remainder the day of the wedding and we got our video in July 11th and our wedding was May 31st!!

Not only was our videographer quick and efficient, we LOVED him!! He was EVERYWHERE!!! He captured all of the funny, loving and even the not-so-funny moments!!

We had a viewing party at our house the weekend we got the video and for the not-so-funny moments everybody was CRACKING UP!!! The main not-so-funny moment was that My wedding planner, Suha Pressey from Weddings Romantique, forgot our rings during the ceremony!! Our videographer didn’t leave that out and I was so GLAD that he kept everything REAL!!! Looking back at all of the worries I had that day and all of the things that went wrong because of our planner, I felt more at peace seeing how minuscule those issues were in perspective of the big picture.

We may not have hired the right planner but we hit a home run with Miguel Cantarell!!!!!