I never thought I would watch the video, but I’m so happy we got it!

My husband and I were thrilled with our wedding ceremony video; the videographer met us at the airport on our departure day so we could have it right away.  I never thought I would watch the video, but I’m so happy we got it – I’ve watched it four times already – it’s great to relive the day.


Valerie & Ronald

Great experience for a summer wedding!!


We had Mike for our wedding video on June 24, 2018. We planned everything from the U.S. but it all turned out great! Mike was really responsive, something we really appreciated.

It took them a while to create the final highlight video, but we LOVED it!

Paying extra for the drone footage was well worth it.

We didn’t really talk to Mike or his team the wedding day, which we appreciated because there is so much going on.

He and his team just knew what to do.

The footage they put together for the highlight had the style we were looking for.

We would definitely recommend!

Casey & Nick


WE LOVE the video, it is so amazing.
We LOVE the music, the whole part with Jordan’s song, and the voice-overs!!!
Jamie & Jordan

We just saw our Wedding Trailer on Instagram!


“Wow! Thanks for making us look so glamorous… It was a lot of fun working with you and your team”


Linda Nguyen

Linda & Phillip

Mike Cantarell Films Review


Pros: amazing work, friendly, professional, prompt, creative, well-priced, fast turn-around

Cons: no cons!!

I’m pretty sure there is no one on earth better than Mike Cantarell Films I got my highlight video three days ago and I am completely obsessed with watching it – it’s like reliving the day all over again, because they caught every single special moment and really captured the feeling of the entire day. I haven’t received my full video yet, but I can’t believe it would be anything less than perfect. I feel so lucky to have found Mike and his team through this board – every review I read spoke so highly of them. I was more excited about hiring them than anyone else and they have not disappointed me one bit.

As far as in-person, they are great – they arrived early and ready to work. They are very friendly and super professional. After the getting-ready shots were over, I never even noticed they were there. I know they stay super busy (they have to film AND edit) but always kept in communication with me and I received the highlight video very fast, and the full video is scheduled to be here a week early.

I looked at other wedding videographers in Cancun but not only are they priced competitively, no one else comes close to their quality of work (in my opinion) – you can really tell they love what they do.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about them! Their work speaks for itself – every video they film and produce is a wonderful masterpiece. If you’re considering whether or not it’s in your budget, cut your guest list because you won’t regret it.

Jake & Marianne

You can’t go wrong with Mike Cantarell Films!!


Pros: Great editing skills, professional, on-time, delivers what they promise!

Cons: Make sure to preview the video before sending the CD in order to make any changes.

The video produced by Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Video) of my wedding blew me away!  It was so creative and beautiful!  When I first hired Cancun Wedding Video, I didn’t expect much from my wedding video.  I just wanted my wedding captured on film to remember the moments, but it actually turned out to be the highlight of my wedding.   All thanks to Mike Cantarell Films!   It was the best money I ever spent!  What was different about Mike Cantarell Films was that they didn’t just film the wedding from the beginning to end and put it on a CD, which can be very boring.  They took the raw footage and edited it so it was more interesting, faster paced and grabbed your attention – like a movie or music video.  They added mood shot s and footage of the wedding site that were spectacular.  Since our wedding was on a gorgeous beach in Playa del Carmen, the video really showed the beauty of the location.  At the same time, they still captured all the unforgettable moments of our wedding, our vows, the speeches, etc.   After adding our favorite music in the background, in addition to the creative editing, it makes the wedding even more amazing to watch, emotional and memorable!

Jerry Guzman, our videographer, assigned to our wedding was the nicest guy you will ever meet.  He was on time and completely professional.  He always stayed in the background to not interfere with the photographer, but was still able to film the wedding perfectly.  His editing skills were fabulous!  Mike Cantarell who runs the company was very responsive to all of my questions and proactive in confirming dates and times.  I never had to worry about whether they would show up for my wedding or do a good job for me.  They did everything they promised and more, which is so hard to find these days!   The only suggestion I would make is to have your assigned videographer put your wedding video online, so you can preview it before they send you the final copies.  Sometimes you want to make small tweaks.  Since shipping is so expensive from Mexico to the States, you want to make sure they make those changes and preview them before they send you the wedding cds.  I highly recommend Mike Cantarell Films as a videographer for your wedding.  It will be the best decision you ever make for your wedding!

Linda Leal

A company that knows how to capture the moment! amazing


Pros: Professional. Friendly. Creative.

Cons: None

We are so thrilled that our search to find a wedding videographer and photographer lead us to these guys. They were so amazing. Their team was super professional, creative, friendly, and accommodating. They went above and beyond to ensure they captured the essence of our wedding. The day of our wedding it was pouring but the team came back the following day to ensure that we had photos we had envisioned of a sunny day on the beach. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is looking for for an excellent company in Mexico – you will be so happy you chose them!


Loved Our Wedding Video


Pros: Dependable, great work

Cons: None

My husband and I were thrilled with our wedding ceremony video; the videographer met he and I at the airport on our departure day so we could have it right away.  I never thought I would watch the video, but I’m so happy we got it – I’ve watched it four times already – it’s great to relive the day.


Simply The Best!!!!–Mike Cantarell Films


Pros: Quality Video, Creative, Awesome angles, Professional, On-Time, Price, Quick Delivery!


After doing extensive research on wedding videos in the Cancun/Riviera Maya area, we found that Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Video) was definitely the best and most reasonable pricing for the amazing quality of work produced.  We made sure to watch all of the highlight videos MCF had and fell in love with all of them.  Immediately we knew these were the video guys for us!

Mike (the owner), responded to all of my emails almost within 24 hours every time!  (I wrote many emails to him…he must of that I was nuts!)  He was so nice to answer every one of my questions and concerns.   I always felt that he was on top of things and never once felt stressed out about whether or not he was going to show up, be on time, and work hard.  These guys were INCREDIBLE.  They never stopped once to take a break.  (Well they did for dinner…but seriously ate FAST.)  They were still able to catch all of the speeches made during dinner.  My family was VERY impressed with how hard they worked.

What was funny about Mike and his assistant, Eddie, was that you would forget they were there.  They made you feel so comfortable with them around that you never once felt that you had video cameras in your face.  They didn’t say much the entire time and they knew exactly what they were doing.  By the end of the night I felt like these guys had worked so hard, but I barely got to see or speak to them; though they were with us the whole day!

When we got home, we were so anxious to see our highlight video that I checked the site, “VIMEO” every day!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw our names there only 3 days after we had gotten back and only about a week and half after our wedding.  The video was AWESOME! Better than we could have expected! They made the day look even more beautiful than we could remember it was.  The angles of the camera and the editing was amazing!  I had our video on facebook within minutes and had everyone in awe over it!

Thanks Mike for your wonderful and talented work!  I would highly recommend you and your co-workers to anyone looking for videography in Cancun!  Simply The Best!


Erin & Felipe

Wedding Videography


Pros: Price, quality,

Cons: None

Mike Cantarell with Mike Cantarell Films was fabulous! Videography was not in our budget when we started to plan our wedding but a few months prior to the wedding date we decided to squeeze it in and we are so glad we did! We booked him for 5 hours and then we paid for an additional hour so that he can capture some of the fun we were having. When we got the video back I got relive the day over and over again. In fact, I have only had the video back for a week and I have seen it 10 times! Everyone who was unable to make it to our destination wedding was able to see how magical it was. Words cannot describe how incredible our wedding was. Only those that were able to come can truly understand but the video makes it possible for everyone to see how amazing it was and how much fun we had. I love my video and I will watch it again and again for years to come. He did such a great job of adding music to match what was happening in the video. It is seriously like a movie and my husband and I are the main characters. People we show are blown away by the quality and the way it is put together. The price he charges is so worth it. It was worth every penny to have this video and be able to watch it for years to come. We dont have kids yet but I am so excited to be able to show this to my kids when they are old enough. How cool is that going to be!

It is your big day… be cheap in areas that don’t matter so that you can splurge in areas that really do matter the most. Book Mike Cantarell Films to capture your wedding day!

Tiffany Harper