THE best videographer you can hire for your wedding!


Pros: Everything!

Cons: absolutely none

The first thing I did after getting engaged and deciding on the location for our wedding was book Claudia Rodriguez as our photographer. This is how I learned of Mike and his team with Mike Cantarell Films. From the first highlights video I watched I became completely obsessed and throughout my entire planning process would always watch these videos in awe.
At first, I didn’t think we needed video. Then after seeing Mike’s work, I decided OK maybe just for the ceremony would be nice. By the time we reached the week before our wedding, it was completely clear that I needed to 1/ book more time in my package and 2/ add a cinema style highlight video in addition to the full-length video we were already expecting. BEST last minute decisions I made.
My husband dabbles a little in video editing and we both agree Mike is a PRO at what he does. His attention to detail can’t be missed in his work and it’s highly evident that he treats EACH one he does with the same passion and thoughtfulness as (I’m sure) the very first one he ever did.
The key to a good videographer is all in the editing process… and Mike excels at this. The clips shift at every beat to the music being played and keeps you SO engaged to see what he’s getting to next.
My husband likes to joke and say he’s like a ninja, because there were clips/shots of video that at the time of him shooting, we didn’t even know he was there! He’s THAT good.
Overall, Mike is so genuine, friendly, and extremely professional.
We only hire the best and I can tell you now that Mike Cantarell Films is for sure the ABSOLUTE best one to hire for your video needs in the Yucatan. My only regret is that I wish I had more money in our budget so I could have had the BIGGEST video package they offer. I can’t stop watching my highlights video and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full-length DVD so we can watch it over and over and over. One other big plus is that they’re on Facebook – once it was posted my video practically went viral instantly between my family and friends…. AMAZING, instant gratification.
Do yourself a favor and hire Mike and his team to do your wedding.. It will be one of the best decisions you made during the process – promise.