You can’t go wrong with Mike Cantarell Films!!


Pros: Great editing skills, professional, on-time, delivers what they promise!

Cons: Make sure to preview the video before sending the CD in order to make any changes.

The video produced by Mike Cantarell Films (former Cancun Wedding Video) of my wedding blew me away!  It was so creative and beautiful!  When I first hired Cancun Wedding Video, I didn’t expect much from my wedding video.  I just wanted my wedding captured on film to remember the moments, but it actually turned out to be the highlight of my wedding.   All thanks to Mike Cantarell Films!   It was the best money I ever spent!  What was different about Mike Cantarell Films was that they didn’t just film the wedding from the beginning to end and put it on a CD, which can be very boring.  They took the raw footage and edited it so it was more interesting, faster paced and grabbed your attention – like a movie or music video.  They added mood shot s and footage of the wedding site that were spectacular.  Since our wedding was on a gorgeous beach in Playa del Carmen, the video really showed the beauty of the location.  At the same time, they still captured all the unforgettable moments of our wedding, our vows, the speeches, etc.   After adding our favorite music in the background, in addition to the creative editing, it makes the wedding even more amazing to watch, emotional and memorable!

Jerry Guzman, our videographer, assigned to our wedding was the nicest guy you will ever meet.  He was on time and completely professional.  He always stayed in the background to not interfere with the photographer, but was still able to film the wedding perfectly.  His editing skills were fabulous!  Mike Cantarell who runs the company was very responsive to all of my questions and proactive in confirming dates and times.  I never had to worry about whether they would show up for my wedding or do a good job for me.  They did everything they promised and more, which is so hard to find these days!   The only suggestion I would make is to have your assigned videographer put your wedding video online, so you can preview it before they send you the final copies.  Sometimes you want to make small tweaks.  Since shipping is so expensive from Mexico to the States, you want to make sure they make those changes and preview them before they send you the wedding cds.  I highly recommend Mike Cantarell Films as a videographer for your wedding.  It will be the best decision you ever make for your wedding!